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We stay at home, let’s make a difference!

Dear friends,

I am one of those who always prefer personal contact. However, the ongoing pandemic suggests we all act otherwise. In order to face and defeat covid-19, we need to stay at home. Doing so will allow us all to easily sail through the hardship of this pandemic, so that we can sooner meet in person again.

The Region of Western Greece will stay by your side by any means. There is no need for me to describe the effort we are all putting in fighting this pandemic. Be sure we are all working around the clock, making our best in order to deliver! We stand with our people fighting on the front line (doctors, nurses, paramedics, etc.), as well as with every single citizen.

Among every other action we're doing right now to fight the pandemic -each having its own value and importance- we have decided to create this website as well. We took this initiative having our citizens in mind; this website is not only a means of correct and valid information from experts and official sources, but also a push for creativity for the younger and the older remaining at home during this crisis.

I kindly welcome you to menoumedytikiellada.gr

In this website, you may also find useful our psychological/ social support helpline, where specially trained and licensed experts will respond to any question you may have regarding the ongoing pandemic.

I invite you to use and take advantage of this website. Our team will be updating it on a daily basis, by uploading relaxing, informing, educative and entertaining content.

Again, let’s make a difference by staying at home!

Nektarios Farmakis
Head of the Region of Western Greece